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History of Inland Career Education Center (Adult School)

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Inland Career Education Center (Adult School) is part of the San Bernardino City Unified School District.  It has been in existence since April 5, 1920 when the School Board passed a resolution creating the Adult School.  Throughout the years, the Adult School has gone through many changes; nevertheless, the schools objective to provide education based on the needs of the community remains unchanged.

In the beginning, night classes were held in storefronts, in existing schools and churches.  The Adult School was referred to as "Night School"  and the first principal was R.M. Westoner.  During the depression era, (from 1928 to 1939) some of the classes offered included canning, gardening, sewing and home repair.  These were the skills needed at the time. 

It was after World War II ended that academic courses such as High School Diploma, GED, as well as Vocational Training became available. This has evolved into courses, including but not limited to English as a Second Language (ESL) at the basic through vocational levels, Citizenship, Medical Programs, Business Office Programs, Computer Classes, Welding and Pre-Apprentice as well as a Custodial Program, Adults with Special Needs, Older Adults Programs, and Enrichment Fee-Based Classes. The Adult School's objective, which has always been based on the needs of the community, is what has promoted its growth into the establishment it is today.

The Adult School's first office was located on the campus of San Bernardino High School on North "E"  Street. It then moved to Fairfax on Pacific Ave. and to its current location at 1200 N E Street, on the corner of Baseline and E Street.  

For the past 90 years, the Administrative Leadership of the San Bernardino Adult School has been aggressive in keeping policies up to date and staying in-tune with the needs of the community.  These devoted, highly qualified individuals have guided the school through its many changes, while developing the successful programs and classes still in existence today.

Classes are offered in many different locations in the surrounding area.  These include doctors' offices for the medical programs, senior centers for the Older Adults Program and agency locations for the Adult with Special Needs Program.

The Adult School has a Student Transition Center which opened in September 1996 for students who need assistance with the transition to employment and postsecondary education.  Some of the services available are:

  • ResumesEarth with buildings popping up
  • Career Assessments  
  • College Information
  • Financial Aid Information
  • Employment postings
  • Assistance with job search/applications

The school has a counseling center with counselors available  Monday through Friday.  The counselors help students enroll in classes, provide academic counseling and assist students with personal needs.

The Academic Success Center, which opened in 2012, provides student access to computers for homework and practice tests, as well as academic tutoring in the afternoons.

The Parenting Center was opened to students the fall of 1999.  The Center provides quality child care for children ages 2½-5, while it provides parent education for parents and allows them to complete their education confident their children are safe and preparing for kindergarten.

The San Bernardino Adult School has received many forms of recognition over the years, including "Program of Excellence" for English As A Second Language in 1999.

The San Bernardino Adult School received WASC accreditation March 15, 2004 that will run through June 30, 2013. 

The History of the San Bernardino Adult School can be seen through the years.  Click on the  links to the upper left green panel in order to view what the San Bernardino Adult School was like in the past and the way it is in the present.

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