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San Bernardino Adult School in the 1940's

During World War II (1942-1945) the San Bernardino Adult School began training women to enter the workforce. The Adult School has always had the ability provide the classes the community had a need for.

It was after WWII had ended that academic courses, along with vocational training became available.  This has evolved into courses, including but not limited to: High School Diploma, GED Preparation, English As A Second Language (ESL), computer classes, medical training programs and many, many more.

Newspaper clipping from Aug. 10, 1947



HELPFUL HUSBAND  August 10, 1947  Dr. and Mrs. Robert Dunn are shown packing fruits and vegetables at the San Bernardino school's community cannery before sailing for Chungking, China, where they expect to remain for seven years.  Dr, Dunn, a member of the Loma Linda hospital staff, was assigned to China as a medical missionary



Newspaper article from 11-11-1947

COOKING CLASS TO EMPHASIZE METHODS OF FOOD ECONOMY  November 11, 1947  A new class in cooking which will emphasize ways of stretching the food dollar, allowing a well-balanced meal with appetizing and appealing menus, will open at 7 p.m. Wednesday in Room 12 of the Home Economics building of the Evening High School.  Mrs. Theresia Laughead, Instructor of foods and clothing in the San Bernardino Senior High School will teach the class.  Organized by request, the class is open to anyone interested in learning newer, simpler methods of cooking with the idea of feeding a family well and economically, according to Edward M. Fisher, director of the Department of Adult Education.


Newspaper article from 10-18-1949


October 18-1949  Pictured above are Claude A. McHenry, left, Adult High School Auto Mechanics Instructor, and Harry D. Kerwin, Director of the City Schools' new department of Vocational Education.  They are planning courses which will train students for jobs which need to be filled in the community.



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