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The 1990's brought many changes to the Adult School.
  • We moved into a new building at 1200 N E Street (our current location).
  • We were able to get new computers for the computer labs.
  • Our computer classes are teaching the latest software.
  • Our Medical classes expanded to include more LVN classes.
  • The Medical Department also moved into their new Medical Building located next to the Child Care Center.
  • The Student Resource Center was expanded
  • Thanks to CalWORKs, we put up an electronic sign on the front corner of the building so we can keep the public informed as to the classes being offered and other events.
  • We also have an electronic sign inside the building as well.
  • We had the staff and student paint five murals which are hung in the lobby.
  • They depict the history of San Bernardino.
  • We added new classes including Child Care Teacher Aide, Pharmacy Tech, and expanded Community Fee Class schedule.
  • Opened the Child Care/Preschool Center to assist students by offering FREE child care for children between 2-5. This allows our students to be able to attend classes without the worry of child care for their little ones. 
                   Medical Building                                              Preschool Building

San Bernardino Adult School Preschool buildingSan Bernardino Adult School Medical Building

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