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San Bernardino in the New Millennium
The new millennium brought many more changes to the Adult School.

The Adult School held a luncheon in honor of Adult Education Week. In 2003 we got a new principal Mr. Jim Dawson, who introduced the students to interacting with the staff, through BBQ's and an All School Fun Day.

In 2005 a new principal was named, Mr. Gary Dehrer.  He continued some the events began by Mr. Jim Dawson
we expanded our Medical programs to include a Pharmacy Technician course. This is a semester long course which will prepare our students for entry level jobs as a Pharmacy Technician.

The San Bernardino Adult School has been in existence for 88 years. In 2006 the school went through its very first  WASC (Western Association of School and Colleges) accreditation. We are very proud to announce the we received a 6-year clear accreditation. We are now accredited from July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2013. We are very proud of our school and its staff.

In 2008, Mr Dehrer retired and Mr. Charlie Brown took his place in San Bernardino Adult School history as the new principal.  We also named a new vice-principal Stephanie Vaughn.

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