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A Parent's Guide to Kindergarten Standards

In Kindergarten, students learn about the sounds the English Language makes. This is called Phonemic Awareness.  The Kindergarten curriculum requires that students learn to identify all 52 letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds,which is the cornerstone of learning to read.  A major emphasis is learning to read and recognize all Kindergarten Sight words in print.  Students use their knowledge to blend sounds to create words and become fluent readers.  Students are required to practice their reading skills at home on a daily basis.

In the area of math, students learn to identify and write the numbers 0-30 and count to 100.  Students will learn to identify and extend patterns, geometric shapes and compare objects by using a graph to explain information.  As the year progresses, students learn to solve simple story problems using materials  and learn addition and subtraction.

We look forward to working with you to ensure your child has a wonderful Kindergarten experience and meets all of the Kindergarten Promotion Standards!