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Welcome to the Golden Valley Joyce R. Cozzo Library!

Library Resources

Search our library online!  

            Off-campus (at home, Starbucks, etc.),
1.   Click here to Search Golden Valley Library from Off Campus.
             2.  Select Researcher or Mobile if you're on a smart phone.

- click here:  Search Golden Valley Library from a District Computer.
Check your library account online, too.  
Login in the upper left corner.  User name: 6-digit student ID, pwyour last name.

                  Place a hold on a desired library book that someone else checked out!  Click here for instructions.

San Bernardino County Library eLibrary card:

Get and use an online eLibrary card for San Bernardino County Library!
  This is a great resource for all kinds of study help, research databases, and other information available with a SBCL elibrary card.

            Get a FREE SBCL eLibrary card:  Click here to register for a FREE SBCL eLibrary card
    Log on to use your SBCL eLibrary card:  Click here to log in with your SBCL eLibrary card

Accelerated Reader:

            Do a search online to see if there is an A.R. quiz for your book here:  AR Book Finder

            Parents, check your student's progress in A.R. online!  Click here:  AR Home Connect
            Helpful hint:  The reading level tells how hard the words are to read; the points tell how long the book is.

NEW!  Would you like to know how to find the readability of a book or written passage? 
You can even check your own writing!
Click here for an online tool that will instantly tell you the readability level.

Teachers:  Log on here for access to AR/Star Reader.

Research and project links:
Citation Machine -
Use this online form to create correct citations for your research papers!  Link goes to MLA format.
Google Scholar

Easy Essay - FREE registration for a great online tool that will help organize your thoughts and help you create an essay.
Essay Map - free online tool (no registration needed) that helps organize your thoughts into an essay map.  Once it's created, simply use the content to write out your essay!  Most of the work is already done.
Plagiarism Checker - Plagiarism is a big deal and a big problem.  Go to this website to enter your text for FREE and find out if some or all of it can be found elsewhere on the web.
Tom March Thesis Builder - Use this online form to quickly create an outline for drafting a research paper.  It will help you see clearly whether or not you have a strong position for your paper yet or not.

Great search engines:
KidsClick! - Search all kinds of great websites. - Find links to government resources for kids and other kids' sites. - Use the search box on the index page to search current events and important events in history.

Sweet Search - Every website on Sweet Search has been evaluated by research experts.

Homework help and online websites for better grades:
Discovery Student Resources - online homework help, games, and step-by-step web math.
Free Math Help - Free math help for students K-12 and beyond, with lessons, games and more.
Math solverFree math problem solver answers your algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and statistics homework questions with step-by-step explanations.
Hippocampus Free Homework Help - Free education resources for middle school, high school, and college.
Typing Club 

Other great websites:
ALA | Great Web Sites for Kids - The name says it all!
Mix It Up/ - Learn ways to respond to bullying, prejudice and hate at your school.
Strategy Games for Kids - Games to teach strategic thinking and have FUN!
Curtis Middle School Library Page - Click here to see some great book trailers and other information posted online by another district middle school.  

Career exploration and online quizzes:
Career Launch - Lots of resources for going to college, choosing a great career, or getting a job.
Drive of Your Life - This is a fun online career exploration game. It helps middle school and high school students learn more about themselves to teach strategic thinking, plan ahead for the future, and have FUN! 
Mapping Your Future - Make High School Count - Guide for 8th grade students who are looking ahead to high school and beyond.  All kinds of information, such as recommended high school classes, student loans for college, and choosing the right college major and specific steps to take.
Your Free Career Test Online - This free online student-friendly career test takes about 3 minutes and gives you a good idea of some possible careers based on your personal interests.

Games for kids:
Chesscademy – Learn and practice chess online.
Cool Fun and Games Web Sites for Students – Extensive list of online game websites.
Game On: Increasing Learning Through Online GamesThese games will help middle school students explore writing and word meanings as well as encourage critical thinking in reading.
Online Typing Test WPM – Find out how fast and how well you type.

Library Rules


  1. Bring your student ID barcode or class schedule for library service.  You student ID barcode in the back of your agenda is highly preferred and will cause you to get the most prompt service.


  1. Enter the LIBRARY quietly and orderly.


  1. Follow directions!


  1. Look for your book quietly in the shelves. If you take a book out please place it back in the same place so other students will be able to find it!


  1. Choose your new book(s) – you may check out 2 at a time.  Check out is for up to two weeks.  You may bring your books back early.


  1. Overdue fines are calculated in the computer at 10¢ per day.  We do not accept cash payments for library overdue fines, so you may clear your fines by helping someone on campus and then bringing a signed note to the library to clear your account.  You may still check out a library book even if you owe an overdue fine, but you have to turn in any overdue book(s) first.


  1. If you lose a book and pay to replace it, but the book is later found, you will receive a refund.  Lost library books are $20.00 each, priced because they are not only hard cover but also library-bound.  Lost textbooks are $70.00 each.


  1. Library charges stay on your record for as long as you are enrolled at any district school. Charges for library or textbooks will hold up distribution of student records, diplomas and will keep students from participating in special school events. This can also prevent you from enrolling in college.  Make sure to keep your record current!



Computer Use

Use of computers is a privilege, NOT a right!  Please adhere to the Acceptable Use Contract and school rules while using them.  Students are expected to access and view school appropriate material only.  Games are allowed with permission only, before school, after school, and on your lunch time.  Students working on academics get first priority over use for personal interest or recreation.



Hours of Operation

Regular schedule:          7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Modified days:                9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Minimum days:               7:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


Open before school, during passing periods, lunch and after school unless otherwise specified.

Did You Know?

¨   Our original library was destroyed by a fire in 1998.

¨   Our new library was rededicated on June 7, 2001.

¨   It is named for the first principal who ever worked at Golden Valley, Joyce R. Cozzo.

¨    We have books in both English and Spanish.

¨    Our books are for information and for fun.

¨    We have computers available for student and staff use.


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