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Social Science

Social Science Teachers
A List of Cajon's Social Science Teachers and their information.

Social Science Courses

Course Flow chart and information.

Social Science
The Social Science curriculum is designed to provide each student with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the needs of a contemporary society. Information about the past and its relation to the present is essential if the individual is to understand the nature and direction of societies on the local, state, national and global levels.  Problem-solving and decision-making activities require the student to develop a wide range of critical thinking skills. In this way, the student develops ideas and concepts about society and individual life skills.  The courses provided by the social science department are structured to meet these objectives. In addition to the courses established to fulfill graduation requirements and university acceptance, there are a number of courses offered to enable the students to investigate other social science disciplines. These latter courses reinforce the departmental objectives and offer the student an opportunity to develop additional knowledge and skills in areas of individual interest.

Possible Career Objectives for the Student with Social Science Training





Foreign Service

Policy Analyst

Bio Geographer




Geographic Info. Sys. Specialist

Real Estate Analyst


GIS Analyst

Research Analyst

Community Development Specialist Government Position Sociologist
Economic Researcher Law Tourism
Education Military Service Urban Planner
Environmental Specialist


High School Grad. Req:  4 yrs. required for all students

9th Grade World Geography/AVID Support/SAIL/Humanities MYP
10th Grade World History
11th Grade United States History
12th Grade American Government (one semester) and Economics (one semester)


CSU/UC Requirements:      2 years



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