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Cheating Policy
To insure that students submit work that meets the educational standards, Cajon High School has established the following policy.

Forms of Malpractice

  1. Plagiarism. Presenting the words, ideas, or research of another as your own. This applies to both published and unpublished work, including student work. Plagiarism can be unintentional, but that does not relieve the student of responsibility.
  2. Collusion. Secret cooperation or agreement for a deceitful purpose including supporting malpractice by another student, Collusion includes but is not limited to:
    • Parents/siblings/tutors (anyone other that the student) completing assignments for a student.
    • Stealing, possessing or using a test, test items, or test answers.
    • Using any unauthorized aides to complete a test or assignment (cheat sheets, crib notes, etc.).
    • Giving answers to or taking answers from another student for a test, quiz, or assignment including homework assignments.
    • Intentionally being absent on a test date or due date.
    • Falsifying a CAS record or community service document.
    • Misconduct during an examination.

Disciplinary Action

The District and Cajon standard for an assignment compromised by malpractice is a grade of “F” or “zero point.” Teachers determine the consequences for infractions, however guidelines include the following:

First Infraction:
  • Zero for the assignment-no make-up allowed
  • Incident report placed in students electronic folder

Second Infraction:
  • Zero for the assignment-no make-up allowed
  • Incident report placed in students electronic folder
  • Parent conference with teacher and school administrator in attendance

Third Infraction:
  • Possible suspension from class or school

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